Yalow’s students come from all over the Bronx, some traveling almost 9 miles one way to get to the school. They come from the far north, the far east, far south, and a concentration around the school area—forming a triangle from the school up to Coop City and then down to Hunts Point.

Among our 437 students, over 95% are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches, and 61 families (14%) live in non-traditional housing, including shelters. 32% are English language learners, and 72 (17%) of our K-4 students have individualized education plans (IEPs). 67% of our students are Hispanic; 32% African or African-American. 55% of our students come from households that speak languages other than English at home; 40% speak Spanish at home; others speak Arabic, Bambari, Bengali, French, Fulani, Hausa, Mandinka, Russian, Soninke, Twi, and Yoruba.

We are committed to providing a quality educational experience for all our scholars that will prepare them for college and careers.

Yalow Charter school students