Lottery And Waitlist Polcies

Lottery Policy

All applications submitted to a school on or before April 1 2020 will be included in the school’s lottery. Each school runs their lottery differently because each school has its own set of priorities (scoring model). 


  • The Yalow Charter School holds its lottery with the presence of City and State Officials
  • Applicants who have priorities are more likely to get a lottery offer, though offers are not guaranteed
  • Families do NOT have to be present at the lottery to receive an offer


Waitlist Policy

Applications that were included in the lottery who did NOT receive an offer are put on the waitlist in the order they were drawn from the lottery. Applications submitted after April 1, 2020 are put on the waitlist AFTER those applications included in the lottery.


  • The Yalow Charter School manages its waitlist and makes offers to students on the waitlist, in order, as seats become available
  • The Yalow Charter School has a policy that applications with certain priorities get placed on the waitlist in a higher position, regardless of when they apply (for example, siblings of current students who apply late). This may mean applicants may move down on the waitlist.
  • Families have a specific time frame to accept offers as they are made. The standard is 10 business days.
  • Families can request their waitlist number by calling the school at (number)
  • The Yalow Charter School enforces a “single-accept” policy: families can only accept an offer to one school. If a family has multiple pending offers, accepting one of those offers automatically declines the other offers
  • Families can remain on the waitlist even after accepting an offer. Families must actively choose to remove themselves from the waitlist